You may never have thought about it but it is true. There seem to be a language in every society used only by dressing.Anytime you put on a dress, you are directly or indirectly saying something through that dress. Every dress has its statement. The surrounding society within which a dress is worn is what forms the statement made by the dress and that dress would keep making that statement about the person wearing it whether or not the statement is true about the wearer. I mean every single one of your dresses has something to say about you to on-lookers anytime you wear it.

Immediately you see a swimming pant, you hear it say: The person wearing me is about to/has just finished swimming.

Immediately you see a flash drive worn as a necklace, you hear it say: The person wearing me is a computer literate.

Immediately you see a suit with the label still hanging on it, you hear it say: This person bought me ready made and wants all of you to know!

A tracksuit with a Reebok canvass says: He’s a sportsman!

An everyday worn T-shirt says: I am the only one in her wardrobe!

A very short skirt with a tiny and short spaghetti top shouts to every passing guy: If only you have some money for the pay, its all yours for the night!

A tight slim wear on a lady says: Look at her figure, check out the shape, imagine you’re holding this!

And just like any wear designed to fully or partially expose the sex triggering parts of a lady says: CHASE HER! She’s hot.

A body-hug shouts to every guy on the street saying: dream to hug me!

The funny thing is that what the dress is saying might not be true yet that is what everybody will listen to and actually believe first. This is because your voice may not echo the same thing that your dress is saying. In fact, it may announce the direct opposite BUT DEAR READER, WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH YOUR DRESS OR NOT, one thing is certain YOUR DRESS IS SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT YOU (Note it). I am amazed myself that you may be introducing yourself as a pastor while your dress is introducing you from afar as a whore. Unfortunately several impressions may have been sealed about you, causing you to carry a negative identity all because your dress statement is not your statement. More people approach you based on what your dress said than what you said.

Your dressing has the capacity to introduce you to several thousands at the same time who never met and may never meet you. What you wear to an interview can deny you the job ever before any question is asked. What you wear to preach the gospel message can rubbish the message ever before you start preaching. Somebody is saying, “I’m born again” her dress is saying, “she’s the hottest babe on the red light district” WHO IS LYING? Her dress? Herself? It may take us some time to find out but one thing we readily know is that her dress statement is louder than her voice and it can be heard from a much longer distance, creating a very strong impression that any contrary claim made by the wearer is a lie. Think about it.

There are some dresses that wearing them would make it an impossible task for you to convince a typical Yoruba person that you are a responsible lady yet wearing that same attire in the U.K may not affect your reputation one bit. Notice that this also depends on where you wear what. E.g: wearing swimming trunks by the swimming pool exposes more parts of your body yet no ideal person would call it immoral yet wearing anything close to that on the street would make heads turn at you and bring commercial sex customers to your doorstep. Sometimes when you see a big car pack by your side, with a rude voice asking you to pop in: Watch out! It may be your dress that introduced you to him as for sale. Remember the common saying: “You would be addressed as you are dressed”

Now take a good look at yourself. SSssshhhhh!!! don’t talk! Hear the inaudible voice of your dress! What do you think your dress is saying about you? (Try to distinguish your dress’ voice from your voice). Listen carefully, HEAR YOUR OWN DRESS!

This article is written so as to challenge you to stop wearing false impressions about yourself. It would be wrong to tell an harlot to stop wearing skimpy dresses or else how would she get her customers? The harlot dresses well because her dress statement is exactly what she is saying. Unfortunately, most Christian ladies do not dress who they are neither do they observe the standards of the book which are: Shamefacedness, Sobriety, Modesty.

This is my counsel! Since you know that people listen more to your dress than yourself, (and that: from a farther distance) then it is only wise for you to ensure that you always put on would like you to note that God created dressing not primarily for fashion but for covering or clothing (Gen.3:21) and anyone who reverses the order or completely discards the divine judgment is only doing so against an eternal judgment and lies in danger of the wrath of God. I know the society has imported and accepted several fashions that are against the divine order but to follow the society is to have no grip and control over your own life. It is to have no rule over your appetite and to possess no diary of personal decisions.

If you will respond properly to this write up you may need to completely put away, throw away or forever push aside some of your wears. The society may complain as they would be loosing a follower but you will win God’s testimony in a perverse generation. Remember Noah (one man against the entire society). DON’T WAIT TILL EVERYBODY CHANGES!

I challenge you, BE THE FIRST TO CHANGE!

Segun Coker