Don’t Plug It

Olumide just got a brand new HP Desktop Computer sent to him from his sister in the US. So excited about this new device, he hurriedly tore the box (packaging) apart, removed all the seals, connected all the cables, picked up the power cable and plugged it in to the nearest available live socket. Guess what happened? BANG!! The CPU exploded and the smoke was all over the room. What did he do wrong?

He simply did not check the input voltage of the Desktop and assumed that it must have been the usual 220V. So he was errorneously plugging a 110-120V device in to a 220 -240V output (Normal Nigerian rating) wall socket and of course, the obvious happened. All his excitement dissapeared at the speed of light, replaced by a deep calm and sober attitude. I wish someone shouted out to him just when he was about to plug it, “DON’T PLUG IT!” This is the same thing that happens to people who contacted HIV/AIDS after a wonderful sexual intercourse. They plugged it TOO FAST!

When you see a young man going into the room with a lady, ready to go live (naked) with him, there is so much excitement sparking in his bones. All his nerves seem to focus on only one place. Several neurones and sensory signals start migrating from the brain to the hip muscles. Blood vessels respond by redirecting blood cells formerly going elsewhere to the central point of action: that long spongy tissue in between the legs called the pennis. Everything stands straight up, turgid and ready; and at that point his head seem to stop working. He dashes into that room and like someone under fire, throws off all his clothes and quickly gets down on the lady, more often than not: TOO FAST! NO CONSCIENCE CHECK: Whether what he is about to do is right, just and fair? NO BRAIN CHECK: Whether he is in a position to bear whatever the consequence that results from that act? NO SPIRIT CHECK: Wether the girl is demonic or covenanted with an evil spirit from her family that could alter the course of his destiny? NO HEALTH CHECK: Wether the enzymes on her lips are not carrying contagious diseases, or whether she has syphillis (STD’s) or had contacted HIV/AIDS and when he uses condom, whoever takes the time to check wether the particular condom is not one of the faulty products with a leak in it; NO GOD CHECK: To hear God’s quiet voice against fornication and adultery! By the time the deed is done, he now starts to think …Too Late! This was how several of our young guys living with HIV/AIDS, GONNORHEA, E.T.C got their ordeal. I wish they heard the voice of God, “Don’t plug it!”

Sex is a spiritual affair. It is a soul joining act! A giving of yourself to another. All of these things have strong and terrible spiritual implications. When you plug in yourself into a lady, What you are plugging is more than your private part, It is your spirit into her spirit, your soul into her soul, your destiny into her destiny, your blood into her blood, your life into her life whether you know or you don’t know. Sex is COVENANT – A blood bond between a male and a female, A spiritual agreement to be connected to each other for life. If you dare to plunge that protuding pound of flesh in between your legs into a girl’s opening, then you are ready for more than fun. The fun part of premarital sex is not totally funny. What happens in between the lines (behind the sin) could be deadly and dangerous. HIV is just one, among many of those demons of darkness to inflict sorrow on those who practice illegal entry of a woman.

The Bible says: “Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot (through sexual activity) is one with her? (1 Cor. 6:16). You cannot be one with a lady and still be one without her. This means that the persons involved are no longer complete without each other. And just like it takes God’s divine ability to make 1 + 1 = 1 in marriage, it would also take His divine intervention to make 1 – 1 = 1. This is why many young men would rarely marry with a wholistic soul, because they have mingled their souls with that of different ladies, and deepened covenant with some of them severally. Dear reader, know today that there is a definite proportion of your soul that is shared each time you plug into a lady and when you leave her, she leaves with it. Unfortunately many have already struck such far reaching communion with girls who have nothing to do with their destiny. Some have gone as far as plugging into a harlot (One whose body is available for ANY man, in the name of catching fun, to dump a fragment of his sou and go with any of the diseases common to such dumping grounds. A dangerous pit where the souls of many men connect as one). Others have shared their blood in sexual activity with demon-possessed girls whose apearance could never suggest that they were so deadly, while there are still those who strike such precious covenants abnormally with other men or even physical objects.

Sex was designed by God: NOT FOR BOYS! and NOT FOR THE UNMARRIED! Have you ever wondered why God carefully positioned a membrane of blood in a woman’s opening? God set that blood-filled vessel there to be broken by a man who is willing to covenant his life to secure that lady for the rest of his life from that point onward. There is a spiritual bonding, a supernatural process that takes place in a lady’s heart to the first man that enters into her. There is no covenant without blood: this is why the membrane contains enough of it. As a matter of fact, what happens when you plug in to disvirgin a lady is not majorly fun but a bathing of your manhood with her sacred hymen blood to initiate a covenant that is highly recognised in the spirit realm of both light and darkness. So young man, before you plug it, understand where that turgid plug is going and what is going to happen thereafter! Unfortunately rarely would he check the rules of the engagement or the terms of the contract until he has tied his destiny to the trap and his future is already distorted in exchange for a five minutes pleasure.

Are you still a virgin young man, please don’t let loose your seed. Don’t pour it just like that! Consider getting married with a complete and wholistic soul or why would you be tieing your soul to fields you have not secured as yours by marriage? As for you, Don’t just plug it anywhere! Keep it in till you find and wed your right socket: your own lawfully married wife and your resting place where your soul will be shared and still be whole. Even if a lady is the one begging you to come into her, Don’t plug it! Another fragment of your soul may be lost again. Even if she is already calling you impotent, Don’t plug it! You would sin against your God, loose your spiritual virtue, your annointing and your cutting edge. Even if your wedding day is just a few days away, Don’t plug it! Until your plug will be forever wedded to its own God ordained socket. I sense someone is just planning and scheming to throw away his sexual sanctity and taste sex with one lady somewhere. Hear the voice of wisdom today, Don’t plug it! Else you may not be able to unplug it, Don’t plug it unmarried! Some have been wrecked doing so!

Two people stood up in a conference and declared before many witnesses that they never had sex until after their wedding day. Suddenly the audience went quiet as though they had said something from outer space. Then I realised how far the lie had spread, that it had become abnormal or impossible in this day and age for a guy to be a virgin until he was married! Whereas the first man (Adam) was already over 120 years old before he plugged into his wife. We are not animals, neither are we dogs. It’s both unfair and a big lie to say, “All men are dogs or Men cannot control their sexual instincts!” If you are a dog, its because you chose to be one. Up till today, godly young men still marry as virgins and those who have done so can tell the difference as they would have no external soul mates from their past to meet on the road long after they are married. You can preserve your life seeds (sperm cells) rather then spraying it in unhallowed places. When you submit your life to be under the control of God’s word. His Spirit within you will rule your mortal body (including your sexual instincts and drives) in perfect subjection to the will of God except you will not have it so.

I weep for so many young men who are already connected to so many ladies already and still they are not yet married. The guy is connected to Titi (since Secondary school, when he plugged into her), he got connected to Gloria (during the 1st semester ASUU strike), he is still connected to Becky (since he travelled to Abuja for the holiday) and several others whose names he did not even register. Shattered emotions! Fragmented Soul!! Plugging everywhere, having no ability to say “NO” to his sexual drives, pouring out his life all over the place like the nozzle in the petrol station, having no understanding of divine judgement, breaking several hearts, sending some to the psychiatric hospital, paying others for the destruction of their wombs and the killing of his own children, he has children (many aborted, others scattered everywhere with their mothers), causing the death or the future woes of several. THIS KIND OF MAN, GOD WILL JUDGE! Nevertheless, thanks be to God whose mercy is available today for any such who repents NOW!! If your life has been this way, dont waste any further time, Let your soul find restoration in Christ Jesus. He is your only hope and He can fix you today, if you would own up to Him!

Psalm 23:3 says: “He restores my soul”. There’s more to you, much more than having sex. You have a purpose you were born to fufill, a God to please, a divine mandate to accomplish, a new generation to lead in the righteous path, a technology to invent, a national or global impact to make, and much more. You were made for a purpose in God. Find God and you will find it! But in-case you’ve been living a filthy sinful life, maybe you’ve never given your whole life-worth back to God or you’ve never really given your life to Christ, why not do it NOW? Have you lived a sexually immoral life? Have you disvirgined, messed up, broken and dumped someone so precious before you met her? Have you raped someone’s daughter? Have you impregnated a lady? or do you already have a baby somewhere you have not accepted? All as a result of your lack of control and ungodliness. Jesus is waiting for you to rush back home before judgement hits you hard. No matter what you’ve done, only Jesus can fix your fragmented soul. Hear Him say “Come!”. Why would you continue with a wasted life, assisting the devil in the destruction of the lives of our daughters? His own blood still washes white as snow. You may actually need to cry to God to restore you! But whatever happens, make up your mind and repent! If you need some help or counselling, you can contact any of the SOV helplines or a worthy man of God around you but you need to respond to God now. Talk to Him about any part of this message that has affected you and let your life take a new turn from today!