DUE Affection… 1Cor.7:3!

Affection describes feelings of fondness or tenderness, fond attachment, devotion… It describes that ever wanting to be with, wanting to talk to, wanting to play with… Affection for someone makes you affect and be affected by the person. It makes you affected when the person is not there. Affection is what makes a man call his wife every now and then even though they left the same house together in the morning. Affection automates the warm hugs, smiles, play pranks and pecks at every random opportunity. Affection brings the live spark that lights up life between a man and his wife… There’s nothing as missing in most marriages today as this due AFFECTION!! EVEN NEWLY WEDS NOW LOOSE IT SO EASILY…
Marriage is not meant to be forever endured though it has endurance points. It’s not designed to be something you wish you didn’t sign into. It’s not planned by God as a source of sorrow and pain. Marriage is a divine arrangement of God for our own good and not a forced imperative joining that forever limits or cages our joy! If your marriage is not what you are proud of today, then the affection levels amongst all must have gone down or out! There’s a way you want your spouse to feel or be excited about you just like there’s a way you want to feel and be excited about him/her. This is what the scriptures say:
1 Cor.7:3 – Let the husband render to his wife the affection due her, and likewise also the wife to her husband.(NKJV)
When the fire of affection is low, the eagerness and excitement at being with each other ceases, discussions become superficial, sexual intimacy becomes dull and “quickie”, secrets start increasing, then a double life, double mind, double vision, double plans, little by little… extra marital affairs and a fake life of tagging along. When all this has matured, the result is a sense of estrangement (making the other person repulsive to you), a putting away, a split, and then as the trend goes… A request for divorce! May your case not reach there in Jesus name!
Whatever state your marriage is… irrespective of how sound, unsound or fun-filled it is… let God make this timely input that would further guarantee its existence till death. I counsel you to join us as we together invest time to seat, study, learn, play, discuss and spend some quality private time with our spouse in a quick retreat that looks just like your honeymoon when you got married. We shall be having a frontline guest minister couple in the body of Christ to bless us but unlike the regular retreats for couples, there would be a lot of private time with each other and fewer joint sessions. We shall be working out all the gaps, considering our vows again, learning to build our sexual intimacy, praying all the pending prayers and talking all the pending talk. At the end of the day: all lacking affection must be ensued, attained and achieved!!
All these would be from 3pm on Friday the 24th March 2017 to depart in the early hours of Sunday 26th March at the SOV HONEYMOON AGAIN 2017 with the theme “DUE AFFECTION” (organized by the School Of Virtue …strictly for couples) at the Redemption Camp, along Lagos – Ibadan Expressway, Nigeria.
SOV would be helping you to make accommodation and feeding arrangements based on your preference and affordability. Meetings would be held at the auditorium of the Messiah Praise Sanctuary. All this information are available as you register your family online at www.schoolofvirtue.org
You may also freely give towards the meeting as the Lord leads. All payments and Donations shall be paid to GTBANK – SOV HONEYMOON AGAIN – 0223681979.
For further enquiries, contact Mr. Akanji Ezekiel (Chairman Planning Committee #HMA.2017) on 08036015107 / 07066051777 / 08055009977.
DON’T MISS THIS!!! Please!!!