Fingered by an Uncle

I am Destiny of mass communication in Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State. As a child of 7, dad took me and my younger sister to the village and left us with our grandparents. We were to spend holiday there, my uncle called me into my grand mum’s bedroom.

He was lying on the bed and holding A LOCAL SLATE IN HIS HAND. He told me to sit by him and read the alphabets on the slate to him. I sat on the bed and started reading (He was lying on his side behind me) and after a while, I felt his hands go under my dress as he played with my private parts. I froze and became numb trying to think about what on earth my uncle was doing to me.  He then took my hand and tried to make me touch his too (He had zipped down).

I was scared as I tried to pull my hands back. I did not know what he was doing but I knew something was wrong. I didn’t even know what he was doing. This was the 2nd time I was experiencing this although it was someone else. Grandmum called him and that broke his concentration, he released me and I ran off as fast and stayed away as much as I could.

Do you have such an experience? Were you ever sexually abused by a relative? Or could it be someone so hard to talk about? May be you’ve been living with this rotten wound for the major part of your life. Perhaps you’ve never told anyone but it keeps hurting deep within.

Dear reader if this is your case, the, you are my audience, my reason for opening up. I could have kept quiet but I realize we are many out there like me dyeing in silence. Probably your present ill or wrong attitude to sex was started off by such or worse experience. But while some became deliberately promiscuous, yours was created, caused and started by wound inflicted on you by one who should have been a friend, by him that should have been a help and guide and that wound has refused to heal.

It’s amazing that you may find yourself in lesbianism (female to female sexual practice) today all because someone started it. Probably your sister, your friend or your secondary school hostel bunk mate. Whatever your case maybe, I’m here to tell you that there is a way out for you. Sexual abuse leaves its victim with two options: to coil in with a heavy sense of inferiority complex, OR To grow wild and become sexually promiscuous in order to try making up for a feeling of loosing self worth. But I have good news for you! There‘s a third option and it,

Doesn’t matter where you are now or how you are?

Open up to Jesus, let him in: that’s the way out. Let him in, Allow the loving grip of Jesus to grip you. He is the only one that knows the way out. He will grab your arms right there where you are and lead you out of sexually immoral life and He will give you a bright future and a hope. If only you’ll cry to him this time and not to another.

I plead with you to let him in on your case. He’ll fix it. He has already fixed mine. That is why I can talk about it with my head up. Turn your life over to Jesus, let him rule your life, he has the manual. It is time uo for a sinful and wrong lifestyle. You can bow your head to him in prayer right now and do it. Stop that devil taking advantage of you; he doesn’t love you neither does he knows your value and he is not worth spending your future with. God has the best agenda for you, bow your head in prayer, fall on your knees to the one who knows you and who is capable of renewing you life. Go for it NOW!!!

When you are through with that, take another step: Open up for help! Pick up your phone, sms/call any of these virtues lines () and help will rush you like a flood. Or mail Or write to school of virtue. This is the final blow and you will never be the same again. You will be amazed who you will become when God begin to put your life to use. You should also take advantage of the SOV ladies camp-meeting coming up 26th-28th July 2013 and be present for an encounter with God. I’d love to hear your story!

(Destiny is a member of School of Virtue in OOU, a very pretty, vibrant lady in fire for the Lord.)