I was 27years old and I had not been proposed to by any man since I was 23years old, at which time I had just broken the one and only relationship I ever had because of the fact that quite a number of things were wrong with it and God particularly instructed me to call it quit. Let me spare you the details but here was I with a desire to be in a relationship and to get married before I am 29years. Imagine that from 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 … and still counting!

The thing was, I was still in the university (my final year) and was in an environment where I felt my man could come from. I was at leadership positions in the campus environs, yet no one who really looked like it ever showed up. There was just not a click in the heart for all who came, yet saying a series of NO’s without a “Yes” in view is a challenge to ones Spiritual foundations.

So, I knew it would take God to bring me my own man. Before now, I had been taught by God, several things about relationships and marriage. So I decided to go to God with my request and desire and stay through with Him until He is ready to act. I told God I wanted a man that loves Him foremost and then that will love me and accept God’s calling on my life. I also told God that I wanted someone who is ready to get married within at least 2 years (I had never been a lover of long courtships). I also stated the other things that I desired in my man and I began to live with the expectation that the man is coming very soon.

Sometime later, I had the privilege of attending a conference in my church in which the word of God came to me that I would meet my husband shortly. I left the meeting and decided to war with this prophecy in prayer, expecting to meet my man everyday. As at this time we were already in December.

Exactly on the 31st day of December, I was in church for the crossover service into the New Year, full of excitement and anticipation and I was seated where I usually love to sit in church. Little did I notice that the man God has PREPARED for me was sitting right behind me where he was posted to serve in one of the units of the church. Before the service was over, he spoke with me and we exchanged pleasantries and celebrated the arrival of the New Year. At the end of the meeting we exchanged phone numbers and began to relate. That was the answer to my prayers!

He came to my house some days after and proposed marriage. This was all too fast for me so I took the following four months not only to confirm from God but also to get to know him and to get the confirmation of the people God has set over my life. I told him to wait and that he did very patiently. Eventually after all checks and balances, I was convinced more and more that this was not just a coincidence, it was the real thing. Guess what, we got married some few days before my 29th birthday. Today we are blessed with a child and God is still doing wonders.

In retrospect, we both know that God organized our meeting and prepared us separately for each other. There is nothing like God giving you your own man and He can do it whatever it takes. He is doing it! And He will do it for you. All you have to do is believe what He said and what He is saying about you. It is a terrible to roll out of God’s plan just when He has brought your miracle to you. Stay connected to Him, Don’t give up, because the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut short!

Mrs. Olusolape Adesuyi (Nee Akinmusire)

(C) Femina (Issue 5)