Before I got an admission in to polytechnic I met one guy which we dated for four years and during the courtship I faced a lot of things because I did not allow him to have sex with me until I was 21years old. Finally when he eventually had sex with me, it was a bitter experience for me because I bled for good ten days before I went to the hospital to see the doctor and to worsen the matter, he just ended the relationship and left. During this time I was in ND1 and I just thanked God that I was not pregnant. This was my first exposure to sexual activity.

When I completed my 2years programme, I started searching for where to do my I.T but fortunately and unfortunately someone directed me to one of the executives in one company in Ogun State. On getting to that man, he said that there is no payment for I.T students in their company but seeing that I could no longer afford to waste any more time searching, I accepted just for the purposes of fulfilling the I.T requirement.

I started coming to the office the next day and I felt to go and meet my boss that he could help me financially although my parents were trying but due to the fact that I had other siblings, there were still many financial challenges to my academia. My boss happened to be the founding pastor of a Pentecostal church in Ogun State where I was at this point in time. He is married and he pastors the church while still maintaining his executive position in the office. To my greatest surprise he offered me help on the basis of having an affair with him. At this point in my life there was no other option in view, so I complied (accepted). He took me out on a date to a hotel and that was how this sexual affair story that lasted for almost 2years began

In my mind I thought it was going to be a once and for all affair but thereafter it became an event that took place at almost every 3days interval in exchange for good financial aid. He promised that if only I could keep my body for him alone, he would give me anything I wanted. He was very smart about the whole thing because he always protected himself from impregnating me.

In fairness to him, he kept his own part of the deal. All I had to do was to call him anytime I needed money and he was always up to the task. He bought me my very first handset and would occasionally invite me to some of their church programmes and indeed, do like a real father but he slept with me times without number.

I once met the pastor’s wife and in fact started getting close to one of his daughters but the very fact that I came to discover I was not the first girl to be doing this with him and neither seemed to be the only one at present, helped me to deal with my guilt. My parents (who happen to be church elders) knew nothing about all this except that I placed almost no demand on them as compared to previous times.

During this period of my life, I was also attending a church where I was one of the choiristers and since I was already exposed to an ugly sexual life, I was an easy meat for the single choirmaster who also came knocking stylishly for sexual pleasure. He would occasionally come to my house and sleep over and I easily yielded to him. It was this choirmaster that sponsored and encouraged me to attend the 2006 NATIONAL LADIES CAMPMEETING organized by the school of virtue at the Federal College of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta. Little did he know that that would be the end of whatever sinful pleasure he or any other man got from me.

During this campmeeting, I encountered God’s word like never before and I surrendered my life to Christ. I opened up my life to the sister that was to counsel me and told her my whole story. SOV was ready to identify with me both spiritually and financially and I was encouraged to go straight to both the pastor and the choirmaster and call it quit with them. This I did and the pastor’s reaction was amazing. He was moved to tears, so moved that he began to confess to me how that he has been trying to stop and that he needed me to pray for him. As for the Choirmaster, he ignorantly came as usual only for him to meet the shock of his life. I told him how God had used him to show me the paths of life and that he had no more place nor access in my life or body anymore and that was it.

Years have rolled by yet my life has changed forever. I’m thru with school, my relationship with my parents has been restored, my spiritual life has come alive and I’m close to a real marriage. I’m a witness to the fact that God can restore a battered soul and give joy for mourning. I’m a new creation! Praise the Lord!

Peradventure you are reading this story and you’ve had or you are going through a similar experience, why not reach out for help. Cry out for your deliverance. Send a mail, text message or make a call before the enemy wastes you any further. Let your own restoration, healing, deliverance and in fact, salvation begin today. Don’t allow another day to pass, neither be afraid of any body’s threat or lie that you will be under a cause if you tell anybody. Your life is too precious to be wasted by any defaulting man of God wether he be a deacon, church elder or even a bishop/G.O. Remember Jesus paid with His blood and none of these leaders qualify to take His place in your life. Bow your heart in prayers, cry out to God, cry out also for help and you will surely be saved and blessed. Note that you can call any of the SOV helplines and you would also be well attended to. God bless you.

Ola (helplines: 07066051777, 08055009977.

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