Have you heard? Pastor Kay fornicated with Bisola – the church secretary! Do you know that the choir master almost raped me on Saturday? Ah! Our youth pastor has almost impregnated all the girls in the church! Bla, bla, bla…

It’s almost a certainty that you would have either heard or overheard this kind of breaking news over time. One begins to wonder; Can a man of God fornicate? Commit adultery? Rape? Finger a teenager? Can a bishop be found to impregnate another lady in the church who is not his wife? Can the pastor of a church pay for the abortion of an innocent child to cover up his sexual misbehavior? Can an uncle disvirgin a little cousin? Can a father molest his daughter sexually? Can a choirmaster impregnate his choir member? Can a shepherd molest his sheep? Can he throw them into danger? Can these things be possible? Can they be true?

As much as I wish I could deny it, the truth remains that these things truly and really happen! As a matter of fact even as you are reading this article, many of my sisters are already lost in a shepherd’s hands. SOV has received text messages from a number of young ladies complaining about their father abusing them sexually. Someone actually talked of how her father having lost his wife now fingers and caresses her to ease his sexual tension probably as an alternative to external immorality. Several innocent virgins have lost their virginity on the laps of anointed men of God in whose arms they came to seek refuge. Several have aborted pregnancies for even campus fellowship executives not to talk of those who have been fingered by uncles, family friends and even some fathers talkless of distant relatives or neighbors.

A friend once told me how a prophet once recommended to her mother that she had to be locked in a room with him for three days of intensive deliverance sessions when she was in secondary school. Her mother ignorantly released her to the so called prophet and a room in the house for the deliverance prayers. During this period, the supposed prophet sexually abused the girl while forbidden her to cry out. Imagine that this went on within a space of three good days and yet the mother had been warned not to open the door lest the deliverance be interrupted.

So many lies have been told (taking advantage of the biblical illiteracy that has come to plague the average believer) by defaulting shepherds in a bid to deceive and exploit the sheep. Some have been told to open their laps so that the elder can ascertain their virginity status, all in a bid to finger the innocent girls. Scriptures have been misinterpreted to corroborate sinful advances. In a bid to persuade a church member in to sexual sin, I was told that a pastor once interpreted, “Marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled” in Heb.13:4 to mean “ It is fornication done on a bed that defiles and that it could still be done in a standing position without offending the Lord”.

While trying to pray away breast cancer, anointed deliverance ministers have massaged breasts that do not belong to them by marriage. Unfortunately, the innocent victim feels something is wrong somewhere but she quickly concludes it must be the “Spirit”. How many special counselling sessions have led to special fondling sessions? How many so called “comforting” of a daughter of Zion in distress have actually turned to caressing? How many pastoral visitations have come with genuine intentions? We cannot but speak out on these issues as they have led to the captivity of several innocent daughters that Jesus paid the ultimate price of His blood to redeem.

If you are reading this article and happen to have fallen or presently (gradually) falling victim to a defaulting sherpherd, then you need to take the following steps immediately:

OPEN UP: It is often reported that pastors, fathers or revered leaders who fornicate with their subordinates or members often threaten them with a curse or an attack if ever they opened up to anyone whosoever about the issue. This has often worked to keep several victims in perfect silence (though in pain) but those who dared to dam the threat have often found out that its an empty threat made by a fearful sinner unwilling to appear with his sin. Others have taken the issue of opening up to an extreme by taking it as a tool to deliberately destroy the man of God, father or leader by speading his error all over the place with the intent to destroy him and all he stands for. Such people have carelessly trampled on the annointing with the annointed, they have abused the pastorate with the pastor, they have spit on the God of the man alongside the man of God and in so doing they have attracted the anger of the almighty upon themselves. This is also dangerous.

A victim of a defaulting sherperd should simply seek her own salvation/restoration and not bother seeking judgment or revenge upon the man of God because the God of that man is a very good judge and He knows a better way to take vengeance than you can ever do. Nevertheless seek for one of God’s matured vessels whom you know you can trust (or to us in SOV if you so prefer) and open up your heart on the whole issue leaving nothing secret ( No matter how many corrupt vessels existing, there are still trustworthyand matured people God can carefully direct you to open up to for your deliverance). Tell that person everything that happened and is happenning. Dont be ashamed, the truth is that there is no other way out. Doing this will make you light and free. It would liberate you from the quiet anger and irritation that is gradually eating you up. It would save you from so much death and damnation and eventually it could lead to the restoration of that man as well too.

PUT AN END TO THAT EVIL OCCURRENCE: Peradventure it is an on-going or continous sinful occurence between you and such a sherpherd, then you have to put an abrupt end to it right away. It should not occur again after now no matter what this decision will cost you, you have to be resolute and highly determined. If you are staying in his house and you have an option then run for you dear life, if you think you dont really have an option, then let the person you opened up to give you one. Whatever it is going to take, that evil must not occur again, that sexual sin must never take place again. In case you are already entangled in it and presently enjoying the evil yourself, then this article you are reading is the divine alarm singnaling the time for your repentance otherwise God must judge you with him. Permit me to say him/her peradventure its a case of a lesbian mother or prophetess. By all means, repent and run towards your salvation before that indulgence marks you out completely for destruction.

MAINTAIN YOUR STAND: Of course there will be a reaction to your sudden non-cooperation and refusal to continue in sin but you must maintain your stand without apology. You must be strong against any temporary affliction that accompanies your decision. While you are doing this you must also maintain a tight relationship with the person you opened up to. If its a father/guardian that refuses to pay your school fees because you refuse to be immoral with him, then cry out to God for help, tell your present councillor about this and SOV as well if need be but whatever happens dont yeild even if it costs you the next school fees/ school session, you would live to be praised for the stand you took. You would be clapped for and celebrated one of these days, its just a matter of time.

Segun Coker