(Templates for national reformation)

THE SOV NATIONAL LADIES CAMPMEETING has gathered several hundreds and made an indelible mark on the hearts and in the lives of those who have ever attended. Since 2005, a remarkable experience indeed it had been such that those who have ever attended need not any other promo than to just know the dates.

The uniqueness of this meeting can only be properly rehearsed by those who have once attended. A meeting focused on single ladies of accountable age, undergraduates, and even school leavers coming together from several states, schools and communities to experience God with no masks on.

Real issues are exposed as people pull out the canker worms of secret deeds that hurt in memories in an atmosphere of openess. ALL THE PARTICIPANTS ARE FED, ACCOMODATED & EQUIPED FREE OF CHARGE breakfast, lunch and dinner. tHE LADIES ARE TAUGHT ENTERPRENEURAL SKILLS and others like Driving, tailoring, Bead making, Baking, Fine and applied Art, Batique, e.t.c. as well as SEMINARS OF CHOICE.

Its absolutely unusual as no men or women of God are advertised so the participants come there with one agenda … to meet the God of man (not the man of God) yet seasoned ministers whose names would have qualified to be used to attract a crowd will show up unadvertised to the amazement of many.

The first one was at Iperu, then Abeokuta, then Ago- Iwoye, then Ibadan, Then Lagos, …. Now back to the main city of Abeokuta (the rock city).JULY 29 – 31 LIVE.

I want to particularly encourage you to be a part of this in any way u can. IF THE LORD SO LEADS YOU …

You can give in cash,

You can provide or sponsor transportation of ladies from a particular campus or release your bus or vehicle for such purpose,

You can supply a free service .e.g Donate take home gifts or books for all the participants.

You can sponsor an advert on radio or TV
You can give an idea towards the success of the meeting.
YOu can use your good influence to influence especially daughters of other men who you percieve would need this manner of a divine encounter to be there.
You can pray… Hmmm! You can start a fasting seed towards this meeting.

No matter what, Money is seriously needed but it doesnt have to be money. Look into your heart and lets make this meeting a reformation refrence in our society and in our Nation — NIGERIA!

LET ME APPRECIATE PROMASIDOR, NESTLE, E.T.C WHO DISTRIBUTED THEIR PRODUCTS FREELY TO THE LADIES AT THE LAGOS CAMP. These things made the meeting more exciting… thank you! I wont fail to appreciate the undergraduates who gave to their own peril just to b a part of this grace and silent givers everywhere who have never attended the meeting but have made it happen. Mama dansol (we call her) thanks for the release of your facilities, Pst Funlola Craig, Deola Ojo, Rev Mrs ajetumobi, … eseun.

For all who av come and all who will still come, friends, prayer supports, … thanks. ITS TIME TO DO IT AGAIN….


Segun Coker