Unfortunately it seems like it has become registered like a simm card in a phone in the mind of an average lady today that all men are dogs. Trying to convince the average young girl that there are men who stick to chastity before marriage is like undertaking an impossible task in some quarters. Many have proven it true severally that all men are dogs and that they are all the same with regards to sexual wantonness. Unfortunately times without number they’ve kept having experiences that pointing to the same conclusion even with the so called “Men of God”.

I have met ladies who after having such an encounter with a man of God demanding for sexual gratification have concluded that if the custodians of chastity are dumping it in the private, how much more those who are looking up to them as examples, therefore, all men with the exception of none cannot do without sex especially in relationship before marriage. Several have entered courtship with single pastors being rest assured of zero sexual demands and total purity and have been terribly dissapointed! Is it that there are no chaste men indeed? Of course there still remains a bunch who would not bow their knees to Baal and that is what this article is about showcasing. But why? I believe it is the frequency of such misbehaviours from men who take the leadership positions among men that brought the world to this conclusion. I dare say, most of us men have dissapointed God!

When we consider how we have handled weak ladies God brought our way to strenghten, or precious daughters of Zion who were virgins as at the time, God graciously released them to us for courtship, or the helpless friends God miraculously brought our way to help … What have we done with them? How have we touched them? What have we demanded from them? How have we taken advantage of their weakness or helpless state to satisfy our own untammed and doglike apettite? Dear brother, How?

It is even bearable when ladies are saying “All men are dogs” though this is not the whole truth but it is more terrible when men open their mouth to say, “we are all like that!” Erring church brothers have been found to say such statements to console or even deaden their conscience in this uncontrolled behavior. You find them consoling their victims saying, “Don’t be disturbed, God knows this is a general weakness and we are all like that”. Some men actually agree that all men are dogs but i dare say it here today that anyone who sees himself as doglike should say so about himself but never generalise such a demoralising lie about all men! The question is, “Are you a dog?” If yes! No problem, but know clearly that you are the one who is a dog, not all of us!

Even in this morally decadent world, there are still brothers, guys and even to our shame (even unbelievers) who would never loose their zip before they seal marriage contract. Yes, despite all the americanisation that has befallen us, there are still handsome young men, in fact successful and affluent ones who would still not bend on their chastity even if a thousand ladies would throws theirs at them. The gist is these guys are not even as rare as many think, its just that many of them are not proud to talk about their stand due to the fact that there are much much more on the other side who would do anything to eliminate and disprove anyone around them by whose stand their conscience would not but worry them! How amazing it is to hear of ladies who would walk out of a relationship when the guy chooses to have it pure before marriage! Such ladies would seduce and seduce such men and when they outrightly fail, declare his impotence and quit. My conclusion is that: they are female dogs needing a male dog and not a real man who has his loins under his guard for such are the faithful men who do not in any way deserve to be married by unfaithful and undependable women!

Once again, I doff my hat for this great men… Virgins in a world that believes in their extinction. Great school boys who would say “No” even when the untaught girls are inviting them for an affair. I salute these set of married men in whose offices several a nakedness is advertised and yet not a penny of theirs talkless of the tinniest bit of their emotional desire is poured on the streets. Those ladies who have met such ones as you, would never forget, neither would their conscience let them be for you have made a mark that others found too tall to attain. Virgin young men, Faithful married men, Rich young virtuous rulers … I praise you! I dedicate this write up to you especially those of you who have all the attractive and conduscive comfort (a car, personal apartment, good job, e.t.c) and yet you would never use what God gave you to sin against him. Kai! I celebrate you. Please permit me to throw a party for you right here in writting. You have properly represented before all, the man God had in mind when He made man. A few ladies have testified of you (great men who would not soil their garments even when they are stuck on a dirty island) and here are their experiences:

Funmiso… (from Lagos)

I used to have a very serious dysmenorea (intense menstrual pain). At that time of the month, I stay in-door all through the day, phones off, doors locked, no food, weeping and rolling on the floor. In fact I oncemissed an exam because of this. It used to happen just a day before the cycle, so the pain was like paving the way for the flow. On that fateful day, Adekunle tried my line and he wasn’t getting through, so he called my flat-mate, she told him I had locked myself indoor refusing to let them in and he understood. Few hours later I heard a knock on the door and I didn’t answer, he went to the window told me to open the door. I was so angry. I shouted at him to go back that he can’t help my situation. After letting him in he insisted we go to the hospital, I refused cos I had used all manner of drugs before then and a doctor had told me that’s my cross and after marriage and childbirth it will subside. After much persuasion I agreed.

After the doctor had examined and asked of my medical history, he asked who Kunle was to me and I told him he is my fiance. He asked how sexually active we were and Kunle told him, “She’s a virgin!” The doctor told him point blank that he is the one punishing me and that he should do his job and save me from the pain. We didn’t argue. Adekunlesimply pleaded with him to give me at least a sleeping tablet which he did.

On our way home, the devil had started dropping suggestions in my head. The pain had gotten so intense that I thought, “If sex could stop it then why not?” At home, I gazed at him, almost appealing to him to have sex with me. Knowing what I was suggesting to him, he persuaded me to bear it, reminded me of my commitment. I cried and cried and few minutes later, I slept.

Met him by my side when I woke up. He slept over and returned the next morning chaste & unsoiled.

Mrs. Ishola from Lagos… _

I met Kitan in school. He was in his final year while I was in year 2. We both attended the same fellowship in school. At first when he proposed, I was reluctant because I felt he was like every other guy around. But when I saw how much he was interested in my welfare and academics and after praying, I gave the relationship a shot. After six months of our relationship, we had not kissed for once. I could not believe it because I have been in two relationships previously and even on the first date they had demanded for a kiss, a hug or even sex.

I lived in the school hostel while he lived outside the campus and I went visiting this fateful day and he  was not comfortable at all. For the first time he kissed me and hugged me tightly. Before I knew what was happening we were on the bed and suddenly he shook me off and told me to go back to the hostel. I went back to the hostel and the next time we met was in the fellowship. He explained why he had to discharge me in that manner.
I can’t count how many times he either told me to go back home or he himself walked out of the room each time we are about to misbehave.We courted for 5years and we never had sex. Sincerly not because of a personal effort but because of his own dogged determination. We had sex for the first time on our wedding night and I am glad I am married to the most disciplined man on earth. Two children now and we are still counting. Sex is indeed worth waiting for.

Alaba… _

I was an attendant in a drug store. I just finished my S.S.C.E and was awaiting result. Then this gentleman walked into the shop to buy a drug and we got talking. He asked me what my future ambition is and I told him nursing. He encouraged me to pursue it. But I was a commercial student and he purchased another waec form for me and enrolled me in a lesson for chemistry and physics class. Two years later I gained admission into nursing school, by then we had started a relationship. I graduated from general nursing and I also enrolled for midwifery and Ibecame a certified nurse.

Unfortunately when myself and Dele were thinking of settling down and I took him home but my parents refused totally. I gave them time and took him back but they rather pronounced curses saying we will never be married for no tangible reason. Dele’s parents came in but my parents still said “no!”. Dele’s dad liked me so much so he advised me to get pregnant. Dele is a pastor and we had never had sex and I was like how do I get pregnant. I loved him a lot and I didnt want to loose him so I went to his house. I knew he would not allow me to sleep over so I cooked up a story and he allowed me. I pretended to be sick. He wanted to go and sleep with a neigbour but I started crying so he slept on the rug and I slept on the bed. Later I went to join him on the rug and I actually seduced him. We started kissing and necking but he stopped suddenly and walked out of the room. He asked what came over me and I apologized and told him my plan. He scolded me. We parted ways however cos the problem got so much with my parents and at a point he said God instructed him to back out. I still feel so much pain because we couldn’t get married but I respect him a lot for not sleeping with me