The 24/7 priest…

A working professional/businessman, a husband and a man of God! This 360degrees priest is the heart cry of God in our present day and age. God is looking for such men as this, who are not only priests on Sunday, Men who are not tied to the church walls to serve God. God is looking for these men whose wives can indeed call “My pastor” and whose bosses at work can attest to the glory of God manifest in their dutifulness, competence and productivity. This is the kind of priest that would be on the frontline move of God in this 21st century (proffering knowledge based and divine solutions to both national economic issues and life’s battles) particularly as we approach the end of days.

Unfortunately, this is not majorly what we see today! We are seeing brothers whose fiancé cannot attest to the consecration we ascribe to them, husbands called deacons in the church but designated adulterers and flirts at home, seemingly revered prayer warriors and active workers in the church whose consecration cannot be reconciled with the terrible atrocities they are committing in the office and our sons are known differently in school. Sincerely, it’s amazing what we are known for at work, more amazing what some girls call our elders! How we are known differently in different places with such unclear, conflicting and even contrary identities. This double life was sponsored by the devil to diminish our cutting edge and this monstrous identity must end.

This year’s National guys and men summit by the School Of Virtue proceeds from a burden to see God raise men like Nathanael (John 1:47), Joseph of Arimathaea (Matt.27:57) and Paul who are yet MD’s and Captains of Industries, itinerant ministers who are the award winning sales marketing representatives of companies, husbands whose wives need not consult any other deliverance minister to counter basic activities of hell in the homefront. Christians indeed everywhere with testimonies following, Pastors at home and the office, affirmed indeed by the wife, children, colleagues and even work customers/clients even before fellow church members. The model is clear: God would be working on guys and men to produce this all rounded genuine priest in us. He would be purging us of all that is not His identity in us, healing sicknesses, diseases and conforming us into His very image and likeness. If you are a man, I counsel you to defy the distance, book your flights ahead if need be, take a little leave at work, just do all you can and Come!!


THEME: THE 24/7 PRIEST… a working professional, a husband and a man of God!


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Registration, feeding and accommodation would be provided FREE TO ALL PARTICIPANTS. God divinely provides for all this through the virtue blazers family, fellow believers, freewill donors, several other individuals, churches and organizations who believe in our worthy cause.

Only men are invited!! From Teenage upwards(not below), singles, married, students and professionals… All MEN!!  The impact of this unique campmeeting has been far reaching with testimonies coming from several once unbroken men who having encountered God have demonstrated great changes in life and character. Several sons have been molded and several husbands and fathers have been helped. A much looked forward to meeting by all sons…indeed. From Word sessions, to Sporty exercises, Music, Drama, Business sessions, One on One Counseling sessions, Interactive sessions, Prayer sessions and Mentoring, etc… There’s more to this than a pen can put on the tabloid.

God must make a permanent mark of His ownership over your life, a divine mark that would forever distinguish you from all others and encounter you in such a manner you would never recover from in Jesus name. For further Enquiries, please contact the SOV President directly on 08038211788 or our helpline on 07066051777. Come!! Again I say Come!!