What God used FEMINA to do in my life

I am Mayokun, an NCE graduate from a Federal college of education. I was from a rich family not until death came to take away our breadwinner, I was the first child of the family, while I have three younger ones and my mother was a full time housewife.

After the unending departure of my father, things didn’t go on as they used to be, my mother tried her best, but it was all futile.

After my Secondary Education, I was still a virgin, not until things started going wrong with me. It all started that before I finished my Secondary education, my mother woke me up in the middle of the night and told me that she wanted me to start moving out with a particular guy in my church. She threatened that if id didn’t obey, she would no longer see me through my education nor give me any of my everyday needs. She even told me that the guy would be responsible to provide for all I need, I really had no choice than to succumb. The guy provided all I needed but there was no sexual immorality between us because I never accepted it anytime he asked of it.

Therefore, immediately I left secondary school, I told the guy I wanted to quit because I never loved him and that my mother forced me into the relationship. Ever since this happened, my mother and I became worst enemies. She never accepted my greetings nor did she bother to ask about my welfare and how I was feeding but then I was working with my SSCE certificate.

Due to the threat and lack of love I was shown at home. I had to save all the money I worked for and decided to move far away from home at least to get an admission into any tertiary institution and keep my mind at ease at least for once. This decision of mine led to my change in life, since I had no financial support from home, I though an higher institution was comparable to a secondary school where you could go with little or no financial support from home, I thought an higher institution was comparable to a secondary school where you could go with little or no financial support.

Immediately I got admitted, I was enjoying because I had some money on me which I had worked for but before the end of the first semester of my first year, I finished spending the money and I didn’t want to go back home since my home was like a fire. I decided to make ends meet.

I met a guy in my school whose parents were rich. He asked me out and I agreed. He gave me foodstuff and money. We began to develop a very intimate relationship. He disvirgined me and this led to pregnancy. I had no choice than to abort it since I believed that that would be the starting point of my sufferings.

I couldn’t bring him into this since we had finished our preliminary course; the guy had left for his home in Ondo State before I discovered that I was pregnant. I went to a hospital in Lagos; I had to pick up a 2-month job in a Nursery school in order to be able to afford the bills for the abortion. After about four months, school resumed but by this time my lover had already picked up another lady for his girlfriend so it ended that way and I didn’t even bother to tell him about the abortion until much later.

Then I met Lanre who was a year ahead of me, he shed me love but then before I knew it we started sleeping together and the same thing happened again. I was pregnant. I thought Lanre loved me and that he would never let me commit any abortion but lo and behold the reverse was the case, he threw me out, told me to abort it, and gave me a sum of N4,000.00 to get the job done. This was my second abortion and the torment of guilt had increased.

Life was so miserable and I had no one to turn to, not even a mother not to talk of friends and families, I was just accepting my fate and life the way it was treating me. My mother came into my aid, maybe when people stated advising her and soliciting on my behalf, when I got home that unforgettable day, she called me and pleaded for all her wrongs and quota which she has ever since been doing now. I forgave her.

Now, I was caught in the net of addiction and I couldn’t stop premarital sex. I met another guy by the name Ola. This time around, I felt safe because Ola was a good Christian. He was actively involved in his fellowship, to be precise, he was one of the ushers. We started a relationship. He proved to be quite nice and he was also helping me out with my Mathematical courses. He began to make unchristian moves but because I had developed a strong likeness for him, I let go my defences and that was it. The relationship became dirty and by the sixth month of this love story, I was pregnant again.

I told him but he politely denied everything. To my surprise, he said no lady had ever told him that ever since he had been in the trade. He claimed that he had enough expertise never to have released any sperm into my body and could not have by any means impregnated me. This happened October 2004 and the blow was heavy on me but the only solution I knew then was to abort again. I had to lie to my mum to get some money from her which I took straight to a hospital at Kollington in Lagos. This was my third abortion and that was it before Jesus met me.

A friend put a torn copy of the last edition of Femina magazine with the title, “Don’t Break That Gate!” on the stove which I picked as I was about to cook. Fascinated by the topic, I picked up the pieces, read it and that was the end of my sinful past. I broke down in tears and cried. The Lord breathed on the words and I surrendered my heart to him. I picked up my phone and sent a text to the visionnair of the school of virtue, who invited me over, allowed me to open up my heart to Sis. Solape Adeyemi and since then, they became like parents to me.

My life has changed. I’m now a graduate but I made sure that I walked up to the front of the church and gave my testimony in my fellowship saying, “I thank God I am leaving a different and a changed person”.